What You Need to Know About Athletic Scholarships

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Every year, thousands of high school students look to the college admission process with dreams of playing sports at the collegiate level. Many of these students hope to land a coveted athletic scholarship. 

If you are super ready to be recruited by a college coach for your particular sport, here is where you start understanding the process. So, what should you know about these scholarships to begin to be prepared? First, let’s take a look at how you can be recruited for an athletic scholarship. 

Requirements for Athletic Scholarships 

The requirements for an athletic scholarship vary depending on the college and sport involved. Generally speaking, most colleges expect their student-athletes to maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher and be in good standing with their team and the school itself. Additionally, many schools require prospective student-athletes to have participated in competitive sports for several years before applying for the scholarship. It is also imperative to understand that to be recruited by many schools, like division 3, may require prospective student-athletes to take part in additional testing, such as standardized tests or physical fitness tests, before awarding them a scholarship. 

Benefits of an Athletic Scholarship 

There are numerous benefits associated with an athletic scholarship, including tuition assistance, access to quality coaching and training facilities, nutrition plans, and more. Additionally, having an athletic scholarship can open doors for students that might not otherwise be available—such as internships or research opportunities within the athletics department—which can help them build valuable skills and connections that will serve them well beyond their college career. Finally, by participating in college sports teams and to actually be recruited, student-athletes should develop qualities such as teamwork, commitment, dedication, and leadership skills, which will be invaluable throughout their lives no matter what field they choose to pursue after college. 

Athletic scholarships to be recruited for a college program are an excellent opportunity for high school athletes who want to continue playing sports at the collegiate level while also getting a quality education. Though requirements may vary depending on the institution and sport involved, potential applicants need to understand what is expected of them should they receive a scholarship so they can make sure they are ready when it comes time for selection. However, with hard work and dedication, there is no reason aspiring athletes should not be able to achieve their dreams with an athletic scholarship!

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When does the Be Recruited process start?

The earlier you start the recruiting process, the more time it will take to get your eligibility papers in order and ensure that everything is set for when school starts. Therefore, we recommend starting as soon as possible after graduating high school or before college classes even begin – usually around Freshman to Sophomore Year level (or Junior).

The sooner you start the be recruited process, the better off your future will be. However, it is a late bloomer or just wondering if they want to commit to a college. In that case, there’s no need to rush into things too quickly without understanding what kind of program fits them best within their abilities and interests outside of sport- which should always come first anyway!

Connect with Coaches To Be Recruited

We all know that contacting college coaches is the best way to get started to be recruited. However, there are some things your athlete needs for them to be successful at this early stage of their sports journey- and we’ve outlined what they are! If you need clarification on whether or not it’s too early for your student-athlete to start reaching out to other players’ programs, then check our guide on why grad year might make more sense than immediately trying to tie up time during prep years. The sooner an athlete begins to build a relationship with a coach’s program will make a huge difference when you want to be recruited.

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To be recruited, you must understand how college coaches look at recruiting. Think of the process like a funnel—at the top is where thousands and thousands of potential recruits are tossed in with various levels from high school down to low academy players that might not even be ready for college yet! 

College coaches will start evaluating these basics, such as height, weight, grad year, or position, then move on to sending out correspondence, whether it’s an email blast via social media site(s). First, they identify those who seem interested, but also mutual interest can become more apparent through letters written tailored explicitly towards each other.’

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