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Hey everyone: my name is Erik Burton with, and this is an offer you will want to be open to. You’ll like to learn how to earn six figures online in 2023.

Now I know the New Year’s coming up if it still needs to pass by now, and you’ve got resolutions out there. Everyone does, including me. I can tell you firsthand what I have been doing with this program for quite a while.

Here are some of the commissions you can achieve with this program, and I’m going to go step by step here in a moment. So I want to shorten this video, but I want to show you the possibilities and what I am continuing to achieve now.

Earn six figures from home in 2023

First off, how to earn six figures online in 2023? Please start the process with a coach, trainer, or mentor like myself. I’m a perfect example of doing the same thing I’m showing you.

Secondly, sign up by going to the link below and adding your email. Only it’s that simple! 

Follow Erik’s Simple 3-Step Process.

Next up, you want to go through what we call our intro video, okay, it’s about 25 to 30 minutes long, and you can do this all in one day.

You can do this All in a couple of hours or string this along for a few days. I wouldn’t go further than that because motivation is crucial and getting something started and taking action is also a strong start.

The next step is one video, the number one video, and then signing up for the one-dollar offer. Yes, that’s all it is, it is a one-dollar offer, and then you want to go to step two. It’s the step. Two videos follow the instructions.

Very simple. You notice. It’s a process here, it’s a straightforward, quick process, and then you want to go to step three to the step. Three videos – and this is the most exciting instruction video. There are about 45 minutes, but it will show you everything you’ll need to understand and understand what I do and what many others are doing right now to earn income from home online and get to that six-figure income.

Turn $1 Into A Six-Figure Business.

Now you then want to connect with me on social media with the links in the description below. It’s my contact page at; and you want to move on from connecting with me; you’re off and running to a six-figure per year.

When you join this $1 to start a business now with me, my coaching is for you, and my training is for you. My mentorship is included in all of this, okay? Now I don’t want to fill you with too much information, but there is so much training in the back office that I have learned from professionals that do this for a living that it’s incredible.

This opportunity is to start with one Dollar just like I did; okay, so here’s my mentor, and he’s going to go through some steps with you and show you exactly the process that you can get involved with today and remember that you will get my Coaching my training and my mentorship whenever you sign up under me and with me, okay, and that will be in the information after my mentor – gives you uh the details to the start of the gold level in this six figure online income opportunity, starting for just one Dollar, what we got here is the most valuable digital products on the internet.

Simple But Powerful Commission Structure

This is a multi-dimensional commission structure, which is very important. Let’s break this down, we’ve got residual commissions, which is monthly cash flow. Everybody wants residual commissions, but few people have done it, but we have done it right, so you want that monthly cash coming in every month, month after month, year after year.

Okay, but also this is very important. We also need it now, money. There are people out there. They need money right now. They need money this week this month. They need to take care of things before themselves, and money would solve many problems in people’s lives.

Okay, money solves a lot of problems. I could promise you that, okay – and you already know that, so what we got here is residual and one-time instant commissions. So we got the best of both worlds here.

You can screw this up and still accidentally make a lot of money. Okay, highlights of the program. This is simple. We got five revenue streams going on our 10th year in business, a digital products platform with unlimited earning potential.

Pay Yourself Commission Level

You can pay yourself at any time by Visa debit card or bank deposit. Just send the money straight to your bank. That’s what I do! Okay, it’s fantastic. This opportunity is available worldwide. In one hundred eighty countries, a dollar gets You started today. Yes, a dollar, so there are no excuses, all right. There are five levels to the program: the absolute simple level: and one is gold level. Two is Emerald level. Three is Diamond level. Four is platinum and level; five, the tippy top of the mountain, that’s Elite.

That’s it, five levels to the program. That’s the whole thing. Okay, now, I’m going to show you some money in some income. Examples? Okay, because I want to show you the power of this model, you’ll get super excited when you see how powerful this is.

Weekly Paychecks

Are you just seeing the weekly paychecks coming in, and this is what I’m going to show? You are 5X the money. Okay, five extra my money, and I’ve made nearly a million dollars with this Pro with this program, so we invite 12 Partners; they go all in; what does that mean? They go level, one level, two-level, three-level, four-level: five, and they go all in okay.

Here is an example of what kind of income can be generated with only 12 people, and it’s not going to be hard to get people in when they sign up for one dollar guys: okay level, one Gold, so 12 people come in you’re, going to make a 20 Bill per month, that’s 240 bucks per month, not bad right, not bad at all.

Okay, it gets better level. Two Emerald. We make a ninety-dollar bill per month, times 12 people. Now we got a thousand eighty bucks right there plus the 240. How about thirteen hundred twenty dollars per month in residual income? Okay? When my sponsor shared this with me, I made like a thousand bucks a month.

My income was going down, my income was going down, and if he had shown me this slide, Frankie would look. You can make twelve thirteen hundred bucks a month with only 12 Partners. I’d say, ” Oh man, ” and he would have gotten my attention quickly.

Sign Me Up Now

I would have sat up straight in my chair and said. Show me more all right here. We go. That’s nearly sixteen thousand dollars per year. That’s almost! I was at that twenty-six thousand Dollar Mark exactly. Look at this deal.

This is a better deal than what I was doing: okay level. Three Diamond. You get a hundred dollar bill times: 12, there’s 1200 bucks Platinum for 400 bills, Elite thousand dollar bills: how about 18 Grand in instant cash? Would that make a difference in your life? It would be 33 Grand a year.

Okay. Now, once again, let’s pause for just a moment. I was making twenty-six thousand dollars per year. If my sponsor had shown me this slide, I would have said holy cow, man. What is giving me the link, man? What is this thing, man, and then he would have said? Hey Frankie, hang on a second, man. I’m only showing you some of the money.

This is some of the money. This illustration does not factor in 50-match bonuses. It doesn’t factor in Reverse two up commissions: it doesn’t factor in level two override commissions of 20, 50, and 200 bucks.

It doesn’t factor in pass-ups from unqualified Partners or any duplication whatsoever. 

This is some of the money, guys. This is with zero repetition whatsoever. We can upgrade as fast as we want; the faster we upgrade, the quicker we make money.

The Secret To Follow Up

This is all going to make sense in just a moment, guys, I’m going to show you guys some of the money, and you’re going to get super excited. But, still, in this example alone, this is just inviting in 12 people with zero duplication whatsoever.

All right. Let’s take a look at this and take a look at this and watch this close all right up there on the slide. We got nine people. Okay, we had 12 people that came all in the right. So we had 12 people that came on, but we’re going to put we’re going to talk about the first nine, okay, the other three they’re starting slow, okay, they’re, starting they’re slow starters.

Okay, these people are picking it up and running with it. Okay. So this first lady up there, okay, we’ll call her Jill. Okay, that’s Jill, and you’re. The yellow smiley face, okay, everything below that Arrow.

That’s your pay line! Okay! That’s your money down there! Okay! That’s your money! Bag! Okay! Now level! One, we’re going to talk about level. One income only, there are five revenue streams, we’re only going to talk about the story, one Gold, okay: this is Gold.

Secret Fifty Percent Bonuses

Twenty dollar bills, plus a 50 percent match bonus, so Jill goes to work, and we’re going to say. Jill starts to make four hundred and forty dollars per month. Okay, now Jill could do this in a week. But, still, I want to be ultra-conservative in my examples: okay, we’re going to, say, Jill’s, making four hundred and forty dollars per week inviting people into the program, and they come in at the Gold level.

Of course, it’s only a dollar for those people to start; man, they’re going to be thrilled, but Jill’s making 440 dollars in a month in a month. Okay, your 50 percent-match bonus, how about 220 bucks a month? That’s not bad at all! Right, plus 20.

Bucks a month from Jill, how about 240 dollars per month? That’s awesome. That’s that! Incredible! Right! There, all right now, this next gentleman, this is Jack. Okay, this is Jack.

Building Residual Monthly Income

So Jack comes into the program at Gold. He gets started at level one. His status, one income, and his gold income are 21.20 a month. Now it could be a week, but we’re going to be ultra-conservative and say: oh, it’s only a month; Jack’s making 2120 a month.

Your 50 percent-match bonus is a thousand sixty bucks plus 20 bucks from Jack. How about a thousand eighty dollars a month right there? That’sThat’s awesome right there! That’s super powerful! All right, this next lady, this next lady, she’s a boss.

She is a lady rock star. Let’s say she’s, making 43.40 in a month now, and it could be a week, guys; it could, but we’re going to say it’s a month: okay, be ultra-conservative in our example, she’s making like a thousand bucks a week here, 43.

140 a month; you have seen my proof of those weekly paychecks. I’ve quickly done that, guys. But let’s say this lady is doing 43 40 a month; your 50 match bonus is 21.70, plus the 20.

Building The Team 

Now, we only got three people up there at two thousand one hundred ninety dollars per month. Let’s pause for a moment. We only got three people that we carried over. We had 12 people come all in.

In that previous slide, we put nine of them on the screen. Okay, add up 21.90 plus 1080 plus 240., I’m doing math in my head. That’s about 3 500 bucks a month in residual income, and this is only level one.

The First Of Five Revenue Streams

This is only one Revenue stream, and guys, look how powerful this is. This is insane, so this next person right here, this gentleman, goes to work. He’s bringing in sixteen hundred dollars a month. It could be a week, but it’s only a month from the gold level. You get a 50 percent match bonus plus the twenty-dollar bill.

So you see what begins to happen here. Okay, it’s really simple; you’ll get a twenty-dollar bill plus a 50 percent match from everyone. Let these numbers drop in. You can see twenty dollar bills dropping in fifty percent match bonuses dropping into place.

This is just one Revenue stream. This is just level one. This is just Gold and Gold only and nothing else, guys. This is awesome. Look how incredibly powerful! This is right. It’s going to be easy to get a whole bunch of people to do this, especially when they can start for a dollar.

Now, let’s add this: how about six thousand hundred forty dollars per month in residual income? Again, it could be a week, but we’re going to be ultra-conservative, and we’re going to say six thousand one hundred forty dollars per month in Residual income – and this is from only nine Partners – this is from inviting in only nine Partners.

We had 12 people come all in, but this is. This is just nine people. What if you had 19 or 20 people, 25 or 35, or 50? Right yeah. This can get pretty crazy, fast, and rather exciting, huh?

That’s only one Revenue stream right there. We can stop right there. If my partner, if my sponsor, had shown me this, I would have said, where’s the link, man? I’m signing up right now.

Take The First Step To Six Figures

I don’t even know what this is, but I’m doing it. Okay, everyone! Hopefully, you enjoyed that short presentation on the gold level. Only of this opportunity, click on the link in the description below, and you can sign up for my private Facebook group, as you can see here. We also have a private webinar platform that I will share with you once you become a member and an affiliate Under me – and I will be your coach, trainer, and mentor to that six-figure level where I’m at. I’m looking to get to the seven-figure level.

So you always want someone willing to motivate you and teach you the right things and processes. So that’s very, very simple: it’s going to be much simpler than you’ve ever thought it was, and then we can continue from there.

So make sure you sign up for my fake private Facebook group. I will ensure that I approve every single person in this group. Also, I will connect you eventually with my private webinar platform, where we can do our weekly training on what processes need to happen for you, specifically, okay?

Connect With Your Training Coach Erik Burton

So click on the link in the description below to get started, and I hope to see you, I hope to train you, and I hope to be around you and speak with you soon: hey, everyone. This is Erik Burton from erikburton.

Com and, as you can see from some of the payment proof, I don’t like to show this or do this too much because I’m not going to be someone who tries to promote and tout this. But I can tell you from experience, as you can see, with all the payments I have gotten for the past couple of years.

We can continue to go over and over and over a lot of the payment processes that I have been through and earned on the internet via various products and services, mainly so I understand you know what it takes to earn income.

Erik Burton

My name is Erik Burton; I am a former collegiate coach and an expert recruiting coach for student-athletes who are looking to be recruited. I am also an internet review specialist to help you understand how to generate monthly cash flow income.

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